Rumber Horse and Livestock Applications

Rumber products are built tough and have been used for years in multiple agricultural applications.

Trailer Flooring

Rumber’s slip resistant traction flooring stabilize livestock and improve stability for loading and unloading.

Agricultural Scales

Rumber boards provide traction and durability for loading and unloading on ag scales.

Squeeze Chutes

Squeeze chutes are improved by using Rumber sheets as siding.

Trailer Bumpers

Rumber is the perfect solution for protecting agricultural trailers and equipment.

Stall Dividers

Rumber sheets are long lasting and provide the ultimate enclosure for stalls.

Trailer Wall Liners

Rumber sheets protect interiors of agricultural trailers and provide sound abatement.

Trailer Ramp Flooring

Loading and unloading livestock is made easy with Rumber boards on trailer ramps.

Saddle Racks, Brush Trays, & Hook Racks

Rumber is the perfect material for trailer accessories, as the durability of the material can’t be beat.

Rumber Horse & Livestock Features & Benefits

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