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Horse/Livestock Trailer Flooring


• Horse/livestock trailer flooring
• Sheets for stall dividers
• Horse trailer wall liners
• Ramp boards
• Brush trays, saddle racks and hook racks

A cleat board option offers an additional choice for:
• Trailer flooring
• Equipment trailer dove-tails
• Floors for loading and handling chutes for livestock
•Alleyway floors in livestock handling systems

Benefits and Features

• Will not rot, crack, splinter
• Serves as a cushioning surface
• Reduces stress on joints and soft tissue
• Easy to clean
• UV and water resistant
• Extremely tough and durable
• Most cost effective option over time
• Cleat boards improve traction for livestock during loading
    and unloading
• Cleat boards also stabilize livestock and reduce shifting of
   load when starting and stopping trailer

A trailer with Rumber® flooring gets the horse to its
destination in a more comfortable, fresher condition.
—Ruth Sobeck, D.V.M.

Horse/Livestock Trailer Products Made
from Rumber Sheets

• Saddle racks
• Brush trays
• Hook racks
• Horse trailer wall liners
• Stall dividers

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