In June 1991, Rumber® Materials began with an idea – to make a board more durable that wood using recycled tires and plastic. With funding from majority stockholder Harold Fischer and tax incentives from Cooke County, Renewed Materials, Inc. (RMI) was born in the tiny German town of Muenster, Texas, north of Dallas-Fort Worth.

From this seed of an idea grew a major manufacturer of composite boards, sheets and molded products made entirely from recycled tire rubber and plastics. Today, Rumber products are used worldwide because they have proven themselves superior to wood and other materials in performance, safety and cost effectiveness. In 1996, RMI changed its name to Rumber Materials, Inc. using a clever mix of the words “rubber” and “lumber.”


As Rumber grew, it continued to invest in product development to find solutions to customer’s problems. This ongoing commitment, still evident today, broadened product usage into heavy equipment and flatbed trailer floors, truck beds and livestock handling equipment. In 2000, Rumber began selling to the United States military. One year later, it sold racking boards to the Oil and Gas industry for use in set back areas. Innovative product development by Rumber and customers both, spurred sales to a growing range of industries.


On July 9, 2012, a group led by Brian Adams purchased Rumber Materials from the Fischer family. Committed to honoring Fischer’s legacy, the duo continued his focus on creating new applications to solve customer’s problems worldwide. Over the years as Rumber has risen to a global presence, its commitment to the hardworking people who built the company has endured. So, too, has the superior service it delivers to customers as it finds strong solutions to their problems. Simply put, Rumber Materials turns, “Pollution into Solutions.”